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We Asked People Who Attended the JET Training in the Past

What was the most helpful to you?

Thinking about cells, movements, evangelization, non-believers.
I want to dream God's dreams.
Practicality of the training, factuality.

The influence of JET into my practical life
A whole new view on the topic of what is a church
Strategy of passing out the gospel with the help of the Four Spiritual Laws
A group of enthusiasts and people with a vision for Christ – strongfly motivational environment and influence of coaches, an opportunity to meet new „cellers“
We wrote a project for our cell's growth
A need to leave the „Christian language“
A prayer partner – daily prayers for workers for the harvest
Prayer walking outside
Couples of accountability
Preparing my own story without Christian clichés
„Church with non-believers“ - new, never heard before, views on this subject
Help and encouragement in the process of founding our Exit group
Reading complete books from the Bible

Pavel V.