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Ed M u r r a y, PhD.
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

My wife and I have known and worked with Pavel and Danka V. for the past several years and from the beginning we were impressed and encouraged with their vision to bring the gospel to Czech people through the use of cell groups as a tool for multiplying churches and the impact of the gospel in the lives of Czech people. We have worked since 1973 in central Europe doing evangelism and discipleship initially with students but also always seeking to reach out to friends and neighbors to make the gospel credible. Central Europeans are a skeptical lot and have rejected outright a stereotype of Jesus Christ and his church. This demands creative and new ways of bringing an accurate picture of the saving power of the gospel to these people.  Jesus said that new wine must be put in new wine skins. Throughout church history God has continually brought the gospel through new forms and innovative ways. He loves central Europeans and love is what will draw them to Him. That is his promise of Jesus in John 13:34. We are convinced that the future of a multiplying church of Jesus Christ lies in the openness and transparency of the cell group. We have invested our gifts and energies to facilitate seminars and give counsel to this growing movement, and we are privileged to work with Pavel and Danka to help develop this plan to reach the Czech nation with the gospel.

Ed and Coralee M u r r a y - Both served as members of the board of I n s p i r a t i o n till 2016; Ed as chairman.
They have served with Agape Europe (Campus Crusade for Christ) since 1973. They initially moved to Austria, learned German, and began the ministry of Agape Österreich (Agape Austria) among students which then also spread to a ministry among lay people emphasizing the use of small groups to make disciples. They were the national directors of that ministry until 1993 when they gave the leadership to an Austrian couple. During this time they also traveled and ministered in E. Europe with an emphasis on the German Democratic Republic (DDR). In 1995 they moved to Budapest, Hungary to help establish the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies, the theological training institute for staff members of New Life Eastern Europe and Russia (Campus Crusade for Christ). In 2000 they were asked to assume the national leadership of the Moldovan ministry with a team of 15 Moldovans to help develop and train national leadership. In 2010 they turned that ministry with 70 full-time Moldovan workers and four areas of ministry over to a Moldovan leadership team.  Since 2010 Coralee and Ed have been working with a team of people to consider how new ways can be found through the process of good discipleship to establish churches with a heart for mission and evangelism. Ed has a degree in Christian Education and a PhD in Adult Education. They have five adult children and 13 grandchildren.