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Daniel H u r t a
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

The simple church movement is based on he most basic Biblical principle – a person, who has met the Lord goes to another person so that he/she would come to know Christ as well, experience forgiveness, receive eternal life and become a follower of Jesus Christ.
People in the cell movement are learning to lead people to Christ, learning the language that people in their environment understand, they learn to live with people in the places where they are. What does it matter that they don't use church buildings for their meetings.
The cell movement is not only a great tool for new people to accept Christ, it's also a lifestyle of Christians, who care about the world around them.

Daniel H u r t a -  I n s p I r a t i o n ' s Board member; one of leaders of Církev Bratská in Vsetín (Free Evangelical Church) - called Lighthouse, participates in planting a new church in Olomouc, for more than twelve years he has worked in the Christian Academy of Youth (KAM), in 2007-2010 he was its president, Dan is also a voluntary coach for Sports Club Atletico in Vsetin.