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Don C r a n e
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

Millions of Czechs remain outside of the reach of traditional churches. They may have had some experience with Christianity in the past but do not view what they see now as relevant to their lives.  We will wait in vain for them to enter our churches and ask how to become a follower of Christ. The Church that emerged in the first century didn’t expect people to come to them. They took Jesus into the communities of the lost, led them to Christ and discipled them in the context of their own homes. New born believers were encouraged to reach their own families or networks. Their homes became the center of new cells or churches. These cells multipied rapidly because they didn’t require expensive real estate or complex leadership structures and depended on the members of the body to carry out the work of the ministry. It was through this movement that the Roman world was conquered from the inside.

n s p i r a t i o n, a Czech simple church planting network facilitated by Pavel and Danka V., seeks to recapture the essence of the early church dynamic. Following the simple concepts of going to lost people where they live and discipling them in their own context they are seeing God lead many to Christ who would never, on their own, seek God in a traditional church. Their doctrine is evangelical but their methods are as ancient as the Church itself.

Donald Crane - Currently serves on the Board of I n s p i r a t i o n - the umbrela organization for the simple churches in the Czech Republic. Europe was home to Don and his wife, Beatrice, for forty years. Don specializes in educational projects, life coaching, and starting new spiritual communities. His focus is in helping each person realize his/her God given potential and help others do the same. He currently lives in the United States where he and Beatrice continue to invest in people including their nine grandchildren. Over the years Don had various ministry positions: Founder and Director of the Portuguese Bible Institute, Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe for Greater Europe Mission, Field Director for The Alliance For Saturation Church Planting, Director of Ministry Development for GEM, and member of the the board of directors for World Team.