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Mgr. Tomáš C h v o j k a
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

When I first heard a man from India to speak about small home fellowships - churches and about their incredible growth, I was thrilled. At the same time, fundamental differences between India and The Czech Republic came to my mind and I thought those were reasons why something like that could never work here.
I'm glad that Pavel with Danka and others had a different opinion and started the cell churches. It encourages me how God uses them and this whole strategy for reaching non-believers for Christ and for spiritual growth of new believers. We are definitely going to see much more in the future. But it's already obvious that these small, dynamic churches are a great tool for spreading the gospel and also a spiritual home for those who already know Christ thanks to their economic and organizational simplicity and the depth of relationships between members. And what's especially important: these churches try to be as biblical as possible. They're evangelical not only in their statement of faith but it's also visible on their actions that the Bible is their highest authority and that they do not add onto it.

Mgr. Tomáš C h v o j k a - Vice Director of the New Life, (Campus Crusade for Christ in the Czech Republic), former Chairman of the Council of the Czech Evangelical Alliance