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To Love, to Live and to Pass on the Word of God
The Principles of the Cell Churches - Thoughts and Ideas

God’s word – the Bible is one of the key values of the cell church movement and of the evangelical thinking in general, which be belong to. We strongly wish and do various things so that everyone who is involved in cell churches could learn to really love the Word of God with their heart, to live it out and to pass it on.
TO LOVE the word of God means that we give it high priority, that we enjoy it, we’re getting to know it more, by heart as well.
TO LIVE the Word of God means that it directly influences our practical life, it’s not just information for us but it literally is a food for our souls and it’s something that transforms our thinking, our character. To live God’s Word can sometimes simply mean obedience flowing out of the trust we have in Jesus.
TO PASS ON the word of God means that we share our discoveries with other people; we work that other people would be able to see the transforming power of Scripture in us and thus they would understand the importance and effect of it. Then they would personally fall in love with the Word and learn to live it and later pass it on as well.

Should the Word of God reach this position in our lives we need to READ, READ, and THINK about it. God’s word is alive and powerful. When we talk to living Jesus while reading it and thinking about it, it will transform us as well as the people around us, who will listen.
A way of reading can be LISTENING. It’s great that it’s we have accessible recordings of at least New Testament passages nowadays (MP3, available to download).
Probably the most effective way of making God’s Word a part of our lives is to learn it by MEMORY. At first maybe just single paragraphs, which give us answers to important questions or doubts, but later maybe handling longer parts. This knowledge later turns into a treasure of our hearts.
A healthy and strong follower of Christ is one who loves, lives and passes on the word of God...
Pavel V.