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Acknowledging Authorities
The Principles of the Cell Churches - Thoughts and Ideas

I was inspired by a statement of one Christian: „New churches are founded by those, who don’t want to accept an authority above themselves.“
In the cell movement our motivation for new things wasn’t a problem or a conflict with authorities but a desire to go out and reach and minister to people who don’t know Jesus, yet.
So, I was thinking and exploring the history of the past about 200 years. In a way, we can say that all the contemporary evangelical denominations were created as a result of a desire to do things differently than they had been done until that time. Whether it was for the reason of coming back to biblical theology or to practical model of the New Testament church or (especially in the past 30 years) with a desire to find the most effective ways to reach non-believers for the Lord.

Formation of these new communities then usually meant some kind of confrontation with acknowledged ways or doctrines given by the time and thus also with authorities in that era. (We notice similar symptoms even nowadays planting new churches within a denomination.)
Interesting is that when we look at the first spiritual fathers in a denomination or a local church, which we have accepted as our own, we usually consider their actions as a demonstration of COURAGE and OBEDIENCE of the Lord of the Church, even if they were radical at times and caused displeasure of the authorities or sometimes conflict. We view them as heroes who were willing to go out and start something new, even though it was with many risks and sacrifices. They believed that the Lord put these convictions on their hearts, which we share today. If we see at them something like disobedience of their authorities, we have a sufficient reason that they fought for the right thing. All in all, Jesus Christ acknowledged their courage and hard work with a fruitful harvest, which we ourselves represent.
I’m sincerely thankful that we encounter greater openness than ever before. Many leaders of contemporary churches and denominations look at the emerging cell church movement not only with curiosity or interest but also with a blessing and with offer of help. We greatly appreciate this! These people understand that we are not doing this because of rebellion against authorities but to effectively spread the kingdom of God for the deliverance of thousands of today’s people.
Pavel V.