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Common Activities of the Cell Churches

What Connects the Cells
Common Activities of the Cell Churches - .

Life happens in cells. Individual cell churches operate independently and represent fundamental elements of the Christian church. But in the long term, no cell can live healthy way on its own. Connection takes place on the regional and national level. Some activities are open to other Christians who might be interested in cells but only for those who are actively serving people who don’t yet know living Jesus.

Finances in the Cells
Common Activities of the Cell Churches - .

The local fellowships that came to existence through natural ministry of the followers of Jesus - as we can read about them in the New Testament - operated as larger families. On many places small or larger groups arose that were connected with each other first by their life with living Jesus, but they also were helping each other in material needs.

MOVEMENT weekend 2014- my movement
Common Activities of the Cell Churches - .

It took place in April, and here are some reactions from a follow-up survey:

Which thoughts from Movement spoke to you the most?

  • I was most impressed by the thought that “my movement" is part of the “big movement."
  • I really liked the cancellation of lectures and that we could discuss everything in small groups at the seminars. It was very interactive.
  • The discussion about Neil Cole’s book, the experiential program "Genesis", Sunday prayer time
  • Working in groups on Saturday morning was full of shared learning and inspiration; I would talk and listen like that for hours.
  • I liked the game "Genesis"- For me it was a significant commitment and a space to rethink many things in my life. I am glad that with God’s help I joined.
Somehow with neither MC nor Preacher...
Common Activities of the Cell Churches - .

As time goes by, I find that big events and big meetings aren't really for me. I do not need to know many people nor do I need them to know me. I'm quite happy with a small circle of true friends and small 'family' group where I know everyone and I'm not scared to open up to the others.
And as the idea of cells (home churches) resonates in me, I was particularly looking forward to a monthly joint service of several cells called 'Multivitamin'.