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Cell Church Communities

This web reveals ministry and basic principles of so-called "cell communities". They are small groups of Jesus' followers open to people who do not know the Lord Jesus, yet.

Predominant activity of the cells are open meetings over the Word of God called "Discovery". We simply invite a few non-Christian friends for interesting informal Bible reading, where we read a story together, think and talk about it with the help of a few simple questions, and the result is that those who do not know Jesus come to their own discoveries in the text that enrich their lives and allow them to gradually get to know who Jesus is, what has He done in the past and what He is doing in our time. These open meetings can be followed by other opportunities to be together and mutually build a new believer.

Single cell community intentionally remains small, but strives for expansion in terms of starting number of new groups. The Bible study method is so simple that soon even a new believer can try to guide a meeting or its part. In doing so, they make no interpretation of the text, but just ask questions and simple way keep the conversation focused to its content. When you try out a few times, not long later we challenge the new people to create a list of their friends and acquaintances, pray for them, and invite them into their own first Discovery. These attempts are usually accompanied by somebody more experienced; first, by personal presence, later only by encouraging, personal meetings outside, and prayers of course.

Groups in a particular region create interconnected networks, symbolically called "bushes". Currently in the CR there are about 25 cells in five bushes. Abroad, these communities use different names such as "organic church", "simple church", "cell church", or even "liquid church".

Look through each section of this web, please. Similar communities certainly can start even around you quite easily!

Pavel V.

JesusUnseen.cz online
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

You may have heard about the project JesusUnseen.cz.
This is an internet presentation about living Jesus whom you cannot see with your eyes, but can experience with your heart.
It is designed for young people (18-23 years of age) who still do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.
It will be a series of short videos that will bring living Jesus to the registered participant in a very contemporary way.
The videos will be presented in several lessons over several days.
There will be an option of interaction for the participant; short surveys, calls to action in each part, challenge to read a portion of Bible, "trial prayer", and at the end a call to invite Jesus into their life.

We are working hard on the project and want to ask you for your PRAYER SUPPORT especially in the following areas:

Extra dimension
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

The web pages _R o z m ě r   n a v í c_ (Extra Dimension) is meant to bring spiritual dimension of life closer to people who do not yet know Jesus or the Bible.

Thoughts on various topics are available there. They are divided into two directions.
"Vertical" –guides thoughts toward the spiritual realm through various modern-day parables.
"Horizontal" –includes some selected practical things for life, while sometimes seeping into the higher dimension...